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# 一加OnePlus 10 Pro 氧OS 13 C.16 全量包

> 一加OnePlus 10 Pro 氧OS 13 首个公测版本

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## 更新日志


- Upgrades to Quantum Animation Engine 4.0, with a new behavior recognition feature, which recognizes complex gestures and provides optimized interactions.
- Applies real-world physical motions to animations to make them look more natural and intuitive.
- Optimizes fonts for better readability.
- Enriches and optimizes illustrations for features by incorporating multicultural and inclusive elements.


- Adds large folders to the Home screen. You can now open an app in an enlarged folder with just one tap and turn pages in the folder with a swipe.
- Adds media playback control, and optimizes the Quick Settings experience.
- Adds more markup tools for screenshot editing.
- Optimizes Shelf. Swiping down on the Home screen will bring up the Shelf by default.

【Seamless interconnection】

- Optimizes earphone connectivity to deliver a more seamless experience. 


- Optimizes Bitmoji to offer more Always-On Display animations.
- Optimizes Insight Always-On Display, with more personalized Always-On Display settings available.
- Optimizes Canvas Always-On Display, with more drawing tools and line colors available.

【Security & Privacy】

- Adds an automatic pixelation feature for chat screenshots. The system can identify and automatically pixelate profile pictures and display names in a chat screenshot to protect your privacy.
- Adds regular clearing of clipboard data for privacy protection.
- Optimizes Private Safe. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is used to encrypt all files for enhanced security of private files.

【Health & Digital wellbeing】

- Adds Kid Space, providing screen time limit, ambient light reminders, and Eye-protecting display features.

【Performance optimization】

- Optimizes Dolby Sound effects with enhanced spatial sound field perception and more accurate sound sourcing.

【Gaming experience】

- Upgrades to HyperBoost GPA 4.0 to stabilize the frame rate and balance the performance and power consumption in key scenarios.